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Meet the Madman


I'm an Austin, Texas-based photographer who enjoys using my camera to tell the stories I see as I look around my hometown, explore the U.S., or travel the world. I shoot with a FUJIFILM X-T3, after many years of Canon gear. 

I got the bug for photography when I was in 4th grade, learning about exposure through pinhole cameras, and then later as editor for our high school newspaper, learning about photography for print media and the darkroom process. My dad was an avid photographer, likely the reason I always had a camera in hand as I traveled with my family as a kid. But it wasn't til much later, when my dad bought me my first DSLR, a basic Canon, that I started paying attention to why I chose the subjects I chose, the story I was trying to tell with my images, and how better photography could help me tell my stories better. I upgraded to my Fuji mirrorless at my dad's urging...perhaps I saw the opportunity to share more time and experiences with my dad. Every time I pull out my camera, I learn something new--about the camera, about photography, and even about myself.


Why "Madman?" What started as a play on words and an affectionate nickname for me actually describes my photographic style quite well. I don't have just one type of photography I seek out--don't make me choose! I enjoy landscape as much as abstract, street photography as much as nature, and use rainy days to play with water drops--inside and out. I create wild stories about everything around me...the white-haired man buying groceries for one, the great-horned owl perched on an old tree trunk waiting for his life partner, the bullet hole in the headlamp on a rusted out pick-up truck, the monster wave crashing on the fishing pier during a stormy sea. No matter the subject, I'll give it life and a life story. My photography is an attempt to capture these stories, bring them to life, and share them with you. 

For me, photography is a I'm sure will never end. I look forward to sharing the journey, and the stories that go with it, with you.

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